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Credit Recovery Limited is dedicated to Client satisfaction. We provide a profesional service in our collection strategy, and at the same time we make every effort to maintain and protect the goodwill of our clients. Our longevity in the business is due to the success we achieve on behalf of our clients, and the consideration we have for their customer relationships.
Retail & Commercial Collections
We operate and provide debt-recovery service acting on behalf of our clients to provide a complete financial recovery strategy to meet the specific needs of our clients.
Retail Credit Reporting
Our association with Transunion links our clients with one of North America's largest automated credit reporting networks. We can also assist our clients in accessing commercial information that would enable them to make more accurate & complete credit decisions. This is risk management for our clients.
Service of Legal Documents
Our clients rely on us to handle their accounts with discretion and tact. Credit Recovery Limited offers clients a professional service with the focus on recovering their outstanding debts.
NSF Cheque Collection
Collection of returned cheques in a unique account area, and our staff is ever aware of the sensitive nature of the matter.
If a client finds it necessary to recall equipment or a vehicle, we will professionally retrieve the particular item. Our success rate is 100%.
Skip Tracing
Our services include locating debtors who have left the area. We have considerable resources at our disposal that enable us to track and locate debtors practically anywhere in Canada. We have consistantly maintained a high rate of success in this area.
Small Claims Actions
We will initate small claims actions against debtors only with your written authorization. We will issue and file the documents up to and including the issuance of default judgement. We will ensure that any default judgements are registered with the Sherrif and monitor any enforcement proceedings that are initiated.
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